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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cover Design by Ally Thomas

Do you ever wish you could wiggle your nose and your novel's cover would magically appear?  Well now it can. Covers by Ally is the only cover design artist for me.  She's so talented and easy to work with, the cover practically designs itself (a small exaggeration).  She did the sexy cover for Dr. Strange Love for me and I'm having her do the one for my next short story - Doctor Dearest!  The cover reveal will be soon.

Drop by her sight and check out some of her work - I'm sure you'll recognize several.  Here's the link

Love is in the Air

Love takes many forms. Love is different things to different people. Love knows no bounds. All of these statements are anchored in truth and the truth of these statements is relative. Do you agree? I started this blog to share my erotic fantasies with you the follower. If that upsets you then perhaps you shouldn't follow. There, I explained my intentions and now I'd like to share an excerpt from my published erotic short story, Dr. Strange Love with those of you who are still here. Soon, I'll be adding to this series with a new short story, Doctor Dearest. You'll follow the sex therapist as he encounters a woman like none he's ever meet before. The spark that Billie ignites in Damon can't be denied, no matter how hard he tries. Mingled among the progressive story of Billie and Damon, he'll share tales of his patients and their difficulties. Are you with me? Cool! Let's get started with a blurb from Dr. Strange Love... Toni Reynolds loves her fiance, Luke Campbell, more than anything. Still something is missing. They both recognize their love life has become predictable. Toni, realizes she’s not satisfied. She fears that she’s missing something and the closer her wedding date gets, the more unhappy she becomes. It’s her secret though, until the night, Luke announces they’re hiring a sex therapist. Uneasy about a professional poking around in their relationship, especially one who makes ‘house calls’, Toni feels betrayed. Her love for and her trust in Luke win out as she agrees to meet the good doctor. Neither Luke nor Toni is prepared for the talents of Damon. This story is 8,000 words. More short stories will follow. Now for the excerpt: The sound of Toni's heart beating in her ears warred with the smoldering fire between her legs. Doc's penis inside her formed a vivid image in her brain. Oh, yes, she wanted this man and nothing would stop that from happening. Flicking a glance at Luke who lay back on the couch, she could see his hooded gaze fixed on her. His hand rested on his bulge as he rubbed gently. Her fiancĂ© wanted to explore their sexuality, well, she would take advantage of the opportunity. Doc pulled his shirt from his jeans with one hand while he trailed his dark fingertips down Toni’s opened silk blouse with the other. His thumb ran over her aerial sending an exquisite thrill through her body. He slid the white shirt off his shoulder, making her gasp over the muscles in his arm. With another shake, the shirt fell from his other shoulder and his well-toned chest laid bare. The meager light reached his muscled abs and her core welled with juices. No simple man was this, but a hot hunk there to satisfy her. Unable to stop herself, she reached out and ran her fingers down the expanse of burnished skin to the band of his low-slung jeans. Her fingers flipped the button open and they slipped a bit more. Wanting to feel his butt in her hands, she shoved at the denim until her fingers filled with his rock-hard ass. Going commando was so hot. The man took his body seriously. She glanced up into his face and caught the knowing smile he sent her. Pearly white teeth shone briefly from his full mouth and she got a whiff of mint. He paid attention to details. When she stepped back and the bed met the backs of her knees, Toni reached out and took his hand in invitation to join her on the faded coverlet. This wasn’t a simple sexual encounter. There wasn’t anything simple about this man. Comments are welcome! Thanks for dropping by and look for Doctor Dearest coming soon to Amazon!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog Hop Giveaway

Ah yes, love is in the air and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Starting today, almost 300 bloggers have giveaways and posts about those men we love! This blog hop is sponsored by Carrie Ann who is fabulous at coordinating these events! How Do I Enter to Win? First things first! This blog hop has some outstanding prizes you may win, 3 prizes actually. So let's talk about those and how you can enter to win first. We have THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter that many times! Now what are those prizes? 1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet 2nd Grand Prize: A $100 Amazon or B&N Gift Card 3rd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more! (Please Note that Carrie has said some shipping cost on your end may apply for the above prizes.) How Do I Win? To enter to win one of these prizes, leave a comment on this blog article and include your email address. Carrie Ann and her volunteers will be stopping by to collect everyone's entries. Almost 300 Blogs Participating There will be almost 300 Authors/Bloggers participating in this event. If you want to enter more than once you can do so. Actually you can enter that many times by posting a comment (with your email) on each blog that is participating in this blog hop. Go to Carrie Ann's Heartbreaker Blog Hop page to see a list of ALL THE BLOGS and get started. But first, leave a comment here on my blog article please, after you read on. Good Luck Everyone! Tell Us! Are our heroes heartthrobs or heartbreakers? Or are they just the same thing? Yummy right? Valentine's Day is just around the corner for this blog hop and we're gearing up to see what exactly is a heartbreaker. Is the song playing in your head like mine? "Cuz he's a heartbreaker!" We love those sexy men, but what about those times in the story when they aren't perfect. Because come on, we know they aren't perfect. What makes those men heartbreakers? What can those guys do to make it better? Is there a way to grovel? Come on! Tell me about your heartbreaker!! Enjoy the blog hop today! It runs through Feb. 11th. Leave a comment on this article with your email address and then be sure to visit all the blogs participating and leave a comment on their article as well so you can increase your chances to win! My Giveaway! My latest work in progress is a continuation of the story of Dr. Strange Love. This short story is a bit more personal from Doc's point of view. Check out this excerpt and let me know what you think for a chance at autographed bookmarks. Thanks for stopping by! Preface - Sex as Therapy Sex therapy is a complicated business as you may imagine. A medical professional must remain impartial while developing a relationship with a patient. The fact I enjoy sex thoroughly means I can’t always remain completely unaffected. My inner drive gets the better of me sometimes and I have to share a tiny piece of myself with my patient. That’s why when Billie Collins came into my office on a sunny autumn day wearing a mini so short and tight she resembled a striptease artist ready to start her show, I have to admit, I was deeply affected. Her one hip at a time walk showcased those long, shapely legs she’d encased in thigh high leather on stiletto heels. The package was meant to be noticed and notice I did. I couldn’t have considered myself a sexual being if I didn’t. The sense of actually losing a grip sluiced over me. Watching her approach my desk was both erotic and painful. The young blonde had issues, to say the least. Her file read like something out of a social worker’s brief. Her first sexual encounter with a member of her mother’s household had been her stepfather at the age of ten. There’d been a parade of men, mostly her mother’s dates or significant others throughout her teenage years. She’d been in and out of therapy like the sessions were part of a revolving cycle. I didn’t have to wonder to what degree her pain. The file contained juvenile delinquency, small run-in’s with the police such as disturbing the peace, speeding, shoplifting and possession. The pattern had continued into her adult life. She was twenty-five. She definitely needed my help. Her eyes, cold blue like an iceberg, didn’t miss a thing. Her cheeks hollowed and thin were pale alabaster. I loved a woman’s skin. The texture of the female flesh was so different from a man’s. Smooth and soft and begging to be touched, I would be hard pressed not to indulge. I noted the thin line of her mouth and the defiance in her one gesture made me want to press mine there and have her first reaction as a memory for as long as I pleased. A woman with slim lines, firm breasts and an attitude as big as all of New York City. Oh, yes, we were going to have fun. She’d been referred to me by a colleague who hadn’t had much luck with his traditional methods. My ‘hands on’ approach would be a last ditch effort to encourage this woman to curb herself deprecation and establish a meaningful life despite her past. “Good morning, Ms. Collins. I’m Dr. Strange …” “I know who you are. What, do you think I can’t read?” Billie flopped down in my guest chair and promptly removed a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from her tiny black purse. “No, I know you can read.” I turned the small sign situated on the outer corner of my desk toward her more directly.” Those electric blue eyes glanced at the words etched into the marble perched on a silver easel. Her mouth turned up at the corner in a smirk. My insides moved restlessly. “I’m sorry, you’ll have to put your cigarette out.” “What, Doc, scared of a little second-hand smoke?” The words laced with sarcasm rang true as if she had a talent for using them whenever she chose. “No, not really. I simply prefer to conduct my business in a smoke free environment. That’s all.” I gave a shrug before leaning both elbows on the desk. Billie watched me with those icy blue daggers a humming ten seconds before she dropped the lighter and the pack back into her tiny leather purse and ground out the cigarette in the palm of her hand. Without so much as a wince, she wiped her hand of the ash stain and glanced around for a disposal. I inclined my head to the trash can situated next to my desk. With what I was sure was a practiced skill, she aimed carelessly at the small cylinder. Her eyes came back to mine even as she tossed the butt dead center of the waste basket. The small task performed, Billie settled nonchalantly against the back of her chair, one arm slung over the chair’s low back. Slowly, she twined those long, slender fingers together, resting them over her barely concealed breast. She eased back in the chair with a cool stare for me and my position of authority. A cheeky grin spread over her face giving the hard planes a warmth which hadn’t been there when she walked in. “Got any other rules, Doc?” Her eyes crinkled at the corners. My heart tripped hard in my chest. “Why don’t we begin by you telling me a little about yourself?” Rather than answer, the room was silent for several minutes as Billie took in her surroundings. She used the scrutiny of the room as a strategic move, making sure I knew when she was ready to talk, she would. Her eyes showed only the briefest moment of interest in the coffee maker situated on a sideboard against the wall. I became a congenial host. “I’m sorry.” Shaking my head, I rose, turning for the sideboard. “Would you like some coffee?” “Sure.” She made sure I noticed her long, curvaceous leg cross over the other in a slow seductive repositioning before she waged her booted foot ideally. “What do you take in yours?” “Black is fine.” Her gaze flitted around the office with a faux spontaneity I was sure she used in her shoplifting adventures. After handing her a cup, I seated myself on the couch which flanked the visitor’s chair. “Why have you come here today, Billie?” The glare she leveled at me was full of sizzle. “Because my mother said I had to.” Flicking her red hot red nails in my direction as if brushing away lint, she laughed a throaty excuse for a laugh. “She said if I didn’t, she’d cut me off without a penny.” Billie shook her head side to side. Her flaxen mane swayed over one breast and the other. “How’s a poor, defenseless girl supposed to make it in the cruel, cruel world without money to protect her?” The pouty lips formed a bow as she mimicked a British accent. “Money’s not the answer to a person’s emotional issues, Billie. “Yeah, still it sure as hell can’t hurt, Doc. So like a good little “rich bitch”, I showed up here today.” She emphasized her location with one lacquered nail on my desktop while her eyes never left mine. Ignoring her self-deprecating tone, I continued on course with my lead-in. “Why don’t we talk about what’s bothering you.” “The only thing bothering me, Doc, is the fact you haven’t invited me to join you on the couch. It’s certainly big enough for two.” The implication in her words hadn’t escaped me. Billie was definitely suffering from the results of sexual abuse. The Juvy file on her was closed. I’d have to see about getting the courts to allow me access. “Where are my manners, of course, come sit beside me, Billie. We need to talk.” I sensed her next move before she reached out and clutched my shaft in her slim hand. The fondle stirred my cock despite my mind’s reminder I needed to take it slow and easy with this girl. Barely twenty-five, she’d been sexually active since her pre-teens. She was a jumble of all kinds of social and emotional drama. It was my job to help her regain her bearings and discover some self esteem. Every person should have choices. The bastards Billie had known had taken away her choices and messed her up in unspeakable ways. “Um, Doc, are you packin’ or what?” Her grin was quick and ripe with intent. “I’d love to get my mouth around your cock. You’re hung - not like most of the others I’ve been with.” Though my dick remained hard, I said nothing. Seeming to lose interest in my package as well as distracted by the memories in her head, she sat back on her haunches briefly. “Is that so?” I took her wrist, removing her hand from my crotch. “Tell me about the men in your life. Can you describe them to me.” Suspicion rippled across her face and at that moment, I was struck with the realization she resembled a lost child beneath the veneer of callous disregard for anything decent. I felt the sucker punch to my solar plexus. She’d learned to be suspicious when dealing with men. I had to be different. I reached for my coffee. “Why? What does it matter?” The shrug of her slender shoulders made me want to reach out and hold her close. The fact she’d just as soon stab me with the switchblade I’d glimpsed in the top of her boot as look straight at me didn’t do much for my peace of mind or my libido. I tried for calm. “For the record, let’s say.” “Okay, Doc, I can tell you they’re all scum. They were all slimy pieces of shit my mother brought back to the mansion night after night when she was too drunk to know what she was doing or care. They’s sneak out of her room and into mine once they realized she couldn’t stay awake long enough for them to cum. She wanted me to call them ‘Daddy’ or ‘Uncle’. Usually, I’d call them by their name and tell them how big their dicks were.” Billie’s eyes went to slits as she leaned in on her hands and knees. “They always liked the way I talked to them. Every fuckin’ one of them thought I was the best lay they’d ever had.” Billie wagged her hips as she spoke. Her smile grew cold and brittle. She reached for my zipper. “Why are you doing that, Billie?” Her smile fell away. The planes of her face tightened as a confused light came into her eyes. “Is it because you think it’s what I want?” I could see I’d hit a nerve. Her perplexed frown gave me a foothold. “I want you to do something for me. Okay?” Her eyes traveled left and then right before dropping to her lap for a fraction of a second. When she lifted them again, the vixen was back. “I’ll do anything you want big guy. You and I can party down. I’ll fuck you so good, you won’t ever want to give me up.” The seductive smile she sent me said she was telling the truth as she understood it. The way I saw it, I had only one choice. I had to show her what I meant. Taking her by the shoulders I slowed her advance before gathering her into my arms instead. Holding her like a wounded animal, I stroked her hair and breathed only short of her ear. Her body stiffened and relaxed. Struggling to understand the strange move, she whimpered involuntarily. “Easy, Billie. I want you to listen to me. I’m gonna share a little secret with you.” “Take your hands off me. I’ll scream rape!” I hated the tactic, knowing she considered the ploy her leverage over me. “At this point, who’s gonna believe you? Hm?” Taunting her made me sick but I had to get her attention, make her see reason. “I’m not one of your mother’s boyfriends. Nor am I your ‘daddy’ or ‘uncle’. So whatta ya say you cut me some frigin’ slack!” I coarsened the last of my request so she’d comprehend the seriousness of the situation. Her heart rate slowed. I breathed a moment without the vibration of holding her running through me. Vexed at my own reaction, I closed my eyes and concentrated on the job at hand. “Not all men are like your mother’s friends,” I finished softer this time. Billie’s snort of derision gave away her opinion of the statement. She shoved at my chest. Reluctantly, I let her go. The bewildered crease in her temple deepened as she tried to figure me out. I’d never forget the pain in those eyes. Her lovely face framed in all that shimmering hair was so fragile I was overwhelmed with the urge to pull her back in and protect her no matter what. “All men are the same, every fuckin’ one of them. Even you, Doc.” “All right, I’m up for a laugh. Prove it.” I was stepping onto shaky ground with the challenge but this girl needed to see a different kind of person from the ones who’d abused her. “I will.” Temper weighted the statement. I could tell she thought little of my challenge. She reached out, running a slim finger down my cheekbone. I let her. She was testing me. Demonstrating she could turn on any guy simply by being seductive. Her finger trailed down the opening in my cotton shirt. Watching me for my reaction, Billie leaned in, flicking her tongue over my dark chest hairs. It took all my concentration not to go lax with the sensation. Her silky tongue traced flesh and I couldn’t stop the hardening of my nipples under my shirt. Hoping she wouldn’t notice, I took in air. Damn, I’d been holding my breath. Those crystal blue eyes watched me like a hawk. I had to admit I felt the arousal coming on quickly. Her other hand slid lower. She took my cock in her hand through the material of my slacks. Focusing on breathing steadily, I kept my eyes trained on hers. She grinned wickedly as she fondled my balls, the stimulation doing devilish things to my control. How far would I let her go? My inner control screamed inside my head. “That feel good, Doc? I can call you Doc, can’t I?” The grin spread. I could see victory dancing in her eyes. She dropped her hands, settling back again as she studied me closely. I didn’t let her gloat. “Tomorrow we’ll begin our sessions. Bathe and leave the cigarettes at home. I’ll show you what I mean. Deal?” Defiance bloomed in those azure pools, ripe and raw. “Fuckin A, Doc. I’ll be here. You're gonna remember me.” She shoved back before standing. Running her hands down the slip of cloth covering her slender hips, Billie gave me another wicked grin. Leaning over on the five inch, heels she wore, she ran her finger under my chin. The contact felt like a brush with a feather. She had a tenderness which needed exploring. With a throaty laugh she flicked her finger before rising to stand. “Until tomorrow.” Blowing me a kiss, she sauntered to the door. “Miss me?” Her throaty laugh followed her as she left closing the door quietly behind her. She thought she’d won. Maybe she had. Sitting there on the couch I released an unsteady breath. More affected than I wanted to admit, I waited until some of the blood filled my brain cells again. My dick was thrumming with need. From the looks of things, Billie and I were going to see a lot of each other. The tall slip of a girl had awakened something in me, I didn’t have the nerve to acknowledge at the moment. Damn it! Getting up, I moved to the window, raising a slat. Watching her walk across the parking lot to the Aston Martin parked near the street had me wondering what I’d gotten myself into. I was treading a very thin line here. Better be careful, son. You could end up the one in need of therapy. “Doctor?” The intercom on my desk lit up. I flinched. “Yes, Veronica?” “Your 4:30 has arrived. Would you like me to send Mr. Stevens in?” Pausing, I lowered the slat, released a slow breath. Closing my eyes, I concentrated on letting go of the Billie lingering aura. Her scent still filled in my nostrils. Her female essence clung to me like a potion. “Yes, send him in.” Turning from the window as the Aston reaved to life, I settled behind the desk once more. Charles Stevens, my 4:30, opened the door.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Dr. Strange Love Rafflecopter Giveaway

The first story in my short story series about the good doctor's approach to sex therapy will leave you wanting more.  You don't want to miss this one as a sexually frustrated couple take their problems to a therapist with a "hands on approach".  Give the good doctor a few minutes of your time and I'm sure you'll see what I mean.

Rafflecopter giveaways are always fun and I do appreciate your participation.  This particular giveaway is to kick start my debut of Doctor Dearest where the good doctor takes a personal interest in his latest patient, which is definitely a no-no for sex therapists.  However, Billie Conners isn't just any patient and Dr. Strange Love feels a deep need to help.  Their story will build to a climax as the short story series continues.  I hope you'll join me as we explore sex therapy and erotic romance in the 21st century.

Feel free to leave your comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.
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