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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Naughty Bits Book Review of Dr. Strange Love - Erotic Short Story

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review: Dr. Strange Love by Cindy Hardwell

3 ½ Stars
3-4 Flames

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Toni Reynolds loves her fiancĂ©, Luke Campbell, more than anything. Still something is missing. They both recognize their love life has become predictable. Toni, realizes she’s not satisfied. She fears that she’s missing something and the closer her wedding date gets, the more unhappy she becomes.

It’s her secret though, until the night, Luke announces they’re hiring a sex therapist. Uneasy about a professional poking around in their relationship, especially one who makes ‘house calls’, Toni feels betrayed. Her love for and her trust in Luke win out as she agrees to meet the good doctor. Neither Luke nor Toni is prepared for the talents of Damon. This story is 8,000 words.

 I enjoyed  reading about Toni's and Luke's night with Dr.Strange Love.That's gotta be some kind of love for a women to stay with a man with no real clue how to pleasure a woman! But I got to hand it to Luke for seeking help. I'm told by all my close girlfriends I am spoiled rotten and more relationships are like Toni's and Luke's then my own, but they just keep quiet about it.  WHY? NO? OMG take them to bed and tie them up or read books like Dr. Strange Love to each other! I promise erotica shared is a marvelous thing regardless of what gender you share your bed with!  

 Luke is clueless and talks Toni into getting a Love Dr. Toni is such a good naughty woman =) to go along with it. We get more of Toni with Damon then we do of Toni and Luke. Dr. Strange Love has 3 chapters. How many do you need in erotica novella after all? First is your intro into the story. Second is a few different ways of sexual pleasure between the characters. And the third is a sweet happily-ever-after ending and a promise for more of Dr.Strange Love's clients. 

It's a good book and at the time of this posting only .99 so go grab it up. There is a mix of what I consider styles of erotic writing. I'm no professional erotica writer but I do read A LOT of it so it's only my opinion. I encourage you to go read it yourself. With longer books a mix of styles is an awesome thing, but this one being a novella it pulled me out of the moment and sometimes made me giggle. Yes, I was one of those teens that giggled with friends on what words writers would come up with. It was fun and sometimes funny and we all secretly enjoyed it. So my only negative is the mix of flowery and figurative language mixed in so closely to the explicit in such a short read. That just comes from personal preference as I know some would rather have flowery and figurative while others enjoy the explicit and this is an mix of all 3 in 1 chapter. If your on either side of the spectrum know Cindy gives it all to you! It is definitely worthy of the read regardless of which you prefer. And on Amazon, where it is currently available,their rating system is a little different then mine so you'll see my review there with 4 stars because I Like it! 
I do hope we get to meet more of Damon's clients!

 Naughty Bits:

     Again, his breath came hot and damp on her flesh as he chortled softly. "You  want me to taste your sweet nectar? Hum? Well, I can't think of anything that would satisfy me more then tasting you." With his words, he shifted to a crouch between her legs and lifted her hips. 
     His head hovered in front of her channel as he flicked her clit with his tongue. A blinding need charged her to cry out. She forced her head back into the pillow and groaned in blissful agony. He meant to torment her in the most delicious of ways. She gripped the coverlet on either side of her and closed her eyes tight, as she wanted to feel every sensation his tongue invoked. With her juices running between her cheeks, she waited breathless for his invasion. Her wait proved worthwhile as Doc drove his tongue deep inside her and her muscles immediately contracted with his intrusion. Again and again, he repeated the torment until Toni could stand it no more and she bowed in his arms arching, convulsing on his tongue and riding his face to a climax of pure ecstasy. 


      Doc rose over her like a wicked god. With stealth-like movements, he positioned her legs apart, giving his full attention to her ass.  The licks and nips he stole from her heightened her anticipation of this strange new adventure. Plying her with his attentions to distract from his ploy, Doc pumped his fingers in her cunt. Exposing her to this new, unknown encounter excited her more then she could express. No one but she could reap the satisfaction of this man's probe into her secret place. A realization of of empowerment washed over her and she reached for him. "Don't stop,"she commanded. "Show me, Damon." Her voice came out stronger than she'd expected. Freedom surged through her, new and exciting. He stroked her anus with his thumb, rubbing the tight opening with a smooth, practiced rhythm. His other had reached for her breast and he lowered his head taking her in his mouth, suckling on the hard peak with lusty tugs.
      His teeth nipping at her breast grew sensual. Low moans and unintelligible whispers left his lips as he moved to her other breast. His hand still rubbed her opening with a tormenting mild pressure. Toni relished in the talents this man possessed as he came up and cupped her breast, kneading the sensitized mound, he squeezed. His attentions would leave marks. She found she didn't care. He gave satisfaction with the pain and centered her attention away from his real goal.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Indie Writing Tips

My friend and author, S.L. Wallace has some great suggestions on writing for 2013.  Here is a reblog of her article.

My In light of the New Year, I've created a list. After all, today is all about lists, isn't it?  Lists, goals and resolutions help us stay focused throughout the year. Since I'm an Indie writer, here are 10 writing tips for Indies. If you think of yourself as something other than a writer, please substitute where necessary, as many of these tips apply well across fields.

Tip #1: Enjoy what you do. If you don't enjoy every aspect of being a writer, then focus on the parts you do enjoy.

Tip #2: Write often. Write quickly. Get your thoughts down on paper.

Tip #3: Take some time away from a piece before editing it. Prepare yourself to read it with fresh eyes.

Tip #4: Slow down when editing or reviewing your own work. Read it aloud. If you stumble, STOP. Be prepared to read portions line by line and rework it until it reads smoothly.

Tip #5: Be willing to cut, a lot! You've heard the saying, "Less is more." When we write, we write quickly and put all our ideas out there, but all our ideas actually bog down a story. Try to figure out the most succinct way of getting your idea across. Then snip, snip, snip. If that's just too painful, keep the cut parts in a separate document.

Tip #6: Learn your own most common mistakes. These are not the same for everyone. Figure out what you most often do wrong. Pay attention to others; they're the ones who are most likely to notice your most common mistakes. Use the find and search functions to correct your most common mistakes.

Tip #7: Know your strengths. Are you a creative storyteller? Are you a clean writer (editing-wise)? Is formatting your forte? Maybe you're stronger with the visual arts; are you good at creating book trailers and cover art? Find out what you do well.

Tip #8: Use your strengths to help other Indies. We're stronger when we rely on others. The Big Publishing Houses offer help in the way of editing, formatting, distribution, etc. Indies have enough talent to do the same, if we're willing to work together.

Tip #9: Rely on others to strengthen your weaknesses. Don't be afraid to ask for help. You don't have to be an expert in every area to produce a top quality book, but you do have to ask for help and accept advice.

Tip #10: The famous, "Show, don't tell." This is a hard concept to discuss because as writers and storytellers, that's what we do. We tell stories. So here are a few tips I keep in mind when I'm writing. These work for me. Please use them if you think they'll work for you.

  • A. Use the "find" feature to search for every single use of the words "is" and "was" in your document. A few are all right, and sometimes they're necessary, but often I can think of more descriptive words or simply rearrange the sentences to make them sound more interesting. I won't lie, this is time consuming.

  • B. Instead of telling your reader how a character is speaking, show it.

         INSTEAD OF: "You are," I said, angrily.

         TRY THIS:      "You are," I said.
                              "What?" Keira took a step back as if I'd slapped her, and in                               a way, maybe I had.

Well, that's it! My list of 10, brought to you just in time for the New Year.